Natural and Traditional Medication/treatment in Modern Perspective: A meeting with a Hakim from Jammu


Jammu :  Our country has a unique reserve of natural and geological minerals. Our saints and sages have endlessly studied and researched these natural reserves and evolved various drugs for the welfare of the mankind. Continuous attacks during the middle Ages have dealt a serious blow to the medicinal science. Our Manuscripts were destroyed and with the scientific researchers finding no encouragement, experimentation took a pause.

Natural and Traditional Medication/treatment in Modern Perspective: A meeting with a Hakim from Jammu

Sanatan Dharma is the unique binding force of India. It magnificently harmonizes fairs and festivals, culture and nature, and hence, our ancient systems/traditions are still alive. Hidden in our invaluable culture and history are the secrets of not only the world but of the whole universe. Ayurveda in today’s modern era has acquired the medical advance where a few decades before it was not taken seriously.

Traditional system of medicine was working on two levels. On the domestic front our food made up for the medicine. One is accustomed to the consumption routine based on seasonal availability of food. It’s a healthy process wherein seasonal food/vegetables are consumed. Foodstuffs today are contained in air-conditioned compartment, kept green and fresh with the help of the chemicals/preservatives. It tastes terrible and is bad for health.

Even your Grandma’s traditional medicinal wisdom works wonder. Where families today are turning nuclear kids are deprived not only of their love but from their experience as well. Even for minor treatments parents queue up to the doctors and the poor child is left dependent on drugs for the lifetime.

Not the least healing by Vaidya/Hakims have also been our priceless heritage. It follows after their personal experience and research by Sages. Today it has become clear that vegetation contains cure for all diseases. Ancient medical texts are being subjected to further research and medical elements of vegetation are also being analysed. Cure by Vaidya/Hakims in modern age are yielding astonishing results so much so that people from world over are thronging their doorsteps to find treatment to their ailments. They may not have cure for every ailment; nonetheless they are masters at curing specific ailments. These practitioners should essentially be identified and compiled into a list, given annual funding and declared as national heritage. This will keep alive their sustained interest in scientific research and documentation in local healing methods and also keep alive their obligation towards humanity.

I undertook the journey of Jammu to research and accumulate information on the invaluable heritage of India. And here I encountered an experienced physician.

Natural and Traditional Medication/treatment in Modern Perspective: A meeting with a Hakim from Jammu
Hakim Sardarilal Sajgotra

Shri Sardarilal Sajgotra is a well-known name for providing therapy concerning skin diseases. I was advised to catch him at 6:00 a.m. or before or else be ready to queue up with other patients. At sharp 6:00 in the morning I left for his place. One gentleman guided me through the zigzag narrow strets to his clinic and left. I could clearly see his nameplate hanging from outside his clinic. some people could be seen battering something in the mortar with the help of a pestle. A pan with oil was also heating over slow flame by the side which a young man was gently stirring with a ladle. Then my eye fell on long thin kurta pajama clad gentleman who was busy giving instructions to everybody. Hakim Saheb could easily be located even in the crowd with his agility and vivacity.

I introduced myself and the greetings were exchanged. And hence began our dialogue.
Hakim Saheb attend to the patients from morning until sunrise and spare rest of
time for himself and his family. According to him, such restrictions are required
to prevent people crowd at his place day and night. We were just talking when people started queuing up at his place. Most of them were skin patients. A patient is neither poor nor rich and nor does he belong to a particular sect or religion. If you believe Hakim Saheb then most of these are frustrated with Western medicine system or discarded by the doctor. Hakim Saheb advised me to gather information on patients over the next 2-4 days.
According to Hakim Sahib rare herbs have become very expensive and hence necessitate considerable costs to make drugs. Moreover, herbs today are adulterated and sophistication along with latest technologies is being used to obtain oil/liquid from them. Take, for example, cardamom cloves. These are expensive but some dealers will make these available cheap but with less or no medicinal properties.

Natural and Traditional Medication/treatment in Modern Perspective: A meeting with a Hakim from Jammu

Hakim Saheb acquired knowledge of the drugs/medicine under his father’s counselling and guidance besides various methods of treatment. His father gathered manuscripts written in Farsi which had information related to treatment of diseases.

Sardarilal Sajgotra’s father Hakim Kodaram came to Jammu from Sahalkota in 1947. His native village was Salpurjat. He also had village property in Ranvirsingh pur. He used to frequent Jammu even before 1947. He had a friend in Jammu by the name Gama Jirah who lived in Dakisiraj and they met quiet often. Hakim Kodaram died at the age of 125 in 1988. His wife Bhagvati Devi also died in 1986. Hakim Sardarilal has two brothers; Hakim Baba is a physician at Akhnoor while other lives in Jammu only.

Just like his father, Sri Sardarilala Sajgotra has also attained recognition far across. He can cent percent cures any skin related ailment. In addition he can cure Carvancor, Sciatics, Abcesses, Anal Fistual, Gangraine, skin eruption, Tuber Culosis, Frostbite, Kidney stones, moles, boils etc. For several days I studied and analysed his treatment techniques and his
behavioural pattern with patients at his clinic. People were queuing up at his place with a sense of expectation, reverence and hope which the Hakim Saheb was repaying with his treatment. Surely enough there exists in the land of India such shining stars which have withstood the blinding splendour/glamour of modernity and sophistication and given their whole for the selfless welfare of the humankind. Listen

Natural and Traditional Medication/treatment in Modern Perspective: A meeting with a Hakim from Jammu

Tulasidass ji says:
First luxury is a sound body;
Second luxury is happiness in the house;
Third luxury is homily Woman;
Fourth are obedient/abiding offspring.

Even after 60 years of independence we have not been able to evolve appropriate health schemes. Hence, the citizens are always left in doldrums when it comes to health related knowledge. Insecurity presses so hard on us that we are left earning whole life for fear that when and where ailment hit us.

Encouragement should also be given to traditional and alternative techniques of meditation practices in our health related flagship programmes. Medication should also be made available free of cost as every citizen has the right to live healthy by birth.

–Virendra Bangroo