Transgenders in Pakistan protest attack on member for ‘refusing sex’


Islamabad, June 13 . The transgender community in Pakistan’s northwestern Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province took to the streets on Monday to protest a murder attempt on a community member who was shot multiple times for refusing the sexual advances of a group of armed men.

Transgenders in Pakistan
Transgenders in Pakistan

The transgender community also criticised the police for not providing them security in the wake of rising incidents of attacks on community members.

They took to streets after a transgender, identified as Kashi alias Chand, was critically injured after being shot for allegedly resisting sexual advances of some armed men who barged into her house in Mansehra town of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province.

The Monday incident comes weeks after another transgender activist succumbed to her injuries after being shot multiple times in the provincial capital Peshawar and was denied treatment at the hospital.

Police sources told the Express News, “Kashi alias Chand was at her home when three armed persons barged into her home and started making sexual advances towards her which she resisted.”

“Chand’s refection infuriated the men who shot her multiple times, leaving her critically injured,” a source added.

The attackers managed to escape from the scene while the victim was shifted to a hospital in a critical condition.

There has been an increase in incidents of violence against transgender people in the province, where they have been beaten and their heads shaven.